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Using Recycled Material In Your Home

The movement to reduce, re-use and recycle has grown considerably, especially when it comes to building and renovating homes. More appliances aim to conserve water and energy, and many companies are using repurposed materials to reduce waste. Some home décor styles have even evolved out of this movement – minimalist, rustic and bohemian. Using recycled material in your home can be both beautiful and friendly to the environment.

Many homeowners want to reduce their impact as well, but aren’t sure where to start, or what areas of their home recycled materials will work best in. Here are the five most popular places you can use recycled materials in your home:

  1. Furniture: Woodworking using reclaimed wood has become extremely popular, and furniture using different recycled wood can be purchased even in the most popular stores, like Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and Target.
  2. Cabinets, doors and floors: Almost any wood feature in your home can be made from reclaimed wood and still match the design style of your choice. For instance, reclaimed beech wood makes beautiful floor that (much like the name would suggest) looks great in any beachside home or cabin.
  3. Bathrooms and kitchen: Where does the tiling go every time someone renovates a kitchen or bathroom? Some companies are now using these discarded materials to make new, stylish tiles that look great on any backsplash or bathroom feature. Consider using these materials when doing a kitchen renovation in Hampton Roads.
  4. In your backyard: You might not be able to build a stable house out of salvaged bricks, but you can create beautiful patios, walkways and even fireplaces from hand-crafted bricks with a history.
  5. Anywhere you can think of: Using recycled materials opens up the creative part of your brain, and allows you to save money in areas you wouldn’t have thought of before. For instance, many homes use sliding barn doors on closets, or wooden pallets for bedframes and planters.
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