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Spring Home Addition Ideas

Spring Home Addition

As daylight hours increase and the weather warms up after a long, cold winter, you may be itching to get outside. With the Spring season in full swing, rain and allergy seasons and those pesky bugs will be returning shortly. Thankfully, there are a few additions you can make to your home that allow you to get outside while protecting you and your furniture from the elements. Plus an added bonus – they will most likely raise the value of your home! Here is a guide to help you find the home addition that fits your lifestyle.

Screened porch

With a screened porch addition, you’ll get to enjoy all of the fresh air from the comfort of your home. Nothing is better than feeling a summer breeze on your face while taking a nap, or listening to the rain while reading a good book. Because these structures have a roof, this will provide a layer between you and the outdoors. This will keep your furniture dry and bugs out when you simply need some time to relax in the outside air!


A sunroom addition is perfect for those who need a healthy dose of Vitamin D when the weather is just too hot to spend outdoors during the day and the weather cools in the evening. Sunrooms are perfect for reading areas, exercise rooms, growing plants and dining spaces, and you’ll never have to worry about using special outdoor furniture.


To feel closer to nature and get away from your home while still having protection from the sun and rain, add a gazebo to your yard! Gazebos are customizable and can be almost any size. Whether you’re hanging a swing from it or creating the perfect picnic area, a gazebo is a great place to relax by yourself or bring friends and family together to enjoy fresh air.

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