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Countertops are an essential element in your kitchen or bathroom because of their multiple uses and the style they bring to the room. They must be functional, as well as durable, but they also have to flow throughout the space to bring a sense of unity.  When selecting your countertop, there are some important questions to consider. What is the color scheme you will be using for that particular room - cabinets, flooring and paint? How will the countertop color work with those colors? What is your budget? If your original choice is a bit out of your budget, we can show you comparable options, or ways to cut down on costs. Choose two or three countertop options to discuss with the Design Team. This will give more flexibility to find something that works with your budget and color scheme.Whether you are looking for bold granite to bring flare to the space, or a more economic finish like formica, our Design Team is here to help you. We have a wealth of experience and love to share the newest trends, tricks, and styles. Our goal is for your new countertops to be there for any task you may need them for, and to look great doing it.

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