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Efficiency over Square Footage

When entering your bathroom, you are looking to wash off the stress of the day and relax. Many homeowners are looking for a spa-like retreat in their home bathroom design, but not everyone has a bathroom the size of a spa. That’s okay. People are starting to use the space available to them more efficiently to create the look and feel they want. By incorporating custom cabinetry or unique storage options, smaller bathrooms can go from cluttered to calming. Toilets and sinks are getting smaller, but more luxurious with fun designs and features.

2018 bathroom trends

The Techie Toilet

Toilets are going high-tech. Most of us have used a toilet with an automatic flush, but that is just the beginning. One of the new bathroom design trends of 2018 is incorporating technology into the bathroom. These new toilets don’t just flush - they have heated seats, built-in air fresheners, wireless music, and slow-closing lid features. The toilet is not alone in this technological revolution. 2018 is seeing high-tech showers, sinks, and floors. Showers that remember user preferences, play music on command, and have a built in fridge for the occasional shower beer. Motion-sensing sinks and heated floors are also becoming popular.

Bold and Beautiful Colors

Bathroom design trends of 2018 are mimicking the color schemes of 2018 kitchens. We are seeing more dark colors paired with light countertops and flooring. Organic undertones might run through sinks and counters, making fixtures pop. Brass and gold fixtures are coming back, especially when paired with a matte black sink. Designs are trending toward contrasting colors and one or two statements pieces, such as a freestanding tub, or contrasting wall colors.

Lighting and Cabinets

When lighting the bathroom, design trends of 2018 are focusing on the placement and style. Having unique lighting like sconces, chandeliers, or vintage-looking fixtures help to draw the eye. This could turn a functional light into a statement piece. New trends are also incorporating back lighting, such as running rope lighting behind a vanity or counter. People are looking to relax in the bathroom, so lights should be placed strategically to create a calming atmosphere. When wiring for lighting, customized cabinets can also be incorporated. To decrease clutter, homeowners are leaning more toward under the counter appliances. A special place for the hair dryer, the straightener, and anything else that requires a power source. Lighting and customized cabinets are part of the turn toward efficiency we are seeing. Well-planned lighting and cabinetry can make a small space seem bigger.

2018 bathroom trends

Floors and Walls with Flare

Using uniquely shaped tiles to create fun or elegant designs is another way to add a bold look to a small space. Bathroom design trends of 2018 are also seeing different colored walls. Try painting three walls the same and then add a fun tiled design on the fourth to create an accent wall. Some bathrooms may be too small to have furniture as statement pieces, but floors and walls can achieve the same thing.

The bathroom design trends of 2018 are shaping up to be elegant but efficient, through the use of color, texture, and technology. By incorporating some of these trends into your own bathroom, you will be able to create a luxurious space to relax in, and increase the value of your home. Contact Bayshore today to revamp your bathroom!

For more ideas on bathroom design trends of 2018, check out https://www.realtor.com/news/trends/hottest-kitchen-bathroom-trends-2018/.

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