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Home Bathroom Design

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Regardless of the size of a bathroom, everyone wants the same thing - a clean, functional, and comfortable space. Whether you are looking to add a bathroom to upgrade the value of your home, or if you are remodeling the master suite and want to come home to a luxurious spa, Bayshore Remodeling can do it all. We are here to see your vision and turn it into reality. Even though bathrooms tend to be the smaller rooms in homes, they can cost a lot when remodeling so it is important to plan your remodel to make the most use of your budget and of the space available. Where can pipes run? How are we going to incorporate lighting? What is the best way to maximize storage space? These are all important questions that must be considered and that our Design Team can help you answer. Once the layout is determined all the smaller details will come together to transform your bathroom.

When mapping out the bathroom, first determine your budget and then focus on what functions you are looking for. What kind of bathroom is it - a half-bath, a guest bathroom, a spa-like addition to a master suite? How many people will be using this bathroom? Would you rather invest more in a gorgeous sink or have a double vanity so you don’t have to fight with your spouse to get in front of the mirror?

After selecting the type of sink for your space, focus on lighting. The most light will be needed around mirrors - consider if you want bright spot lights or dimmable lighting that you can adjust. You will also need to determine how you will light the rest of the room. Where can you place lights that will provide light for the entire room and how bright do you want them to be?

Overall adding a bathroom will increase the value of your home and make life a lot more comfortable. Bayshore’s Design team cannot wait to help you turn your dream into reality and we are happy to lend our years of experience to help you!

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